Why do people use paper wallets for long-term holding?

paper wallets

There are thousands of news articles published daily about the new hacking or cracking activities, which will continue in this digital world. If there are good things, there would also be bad things, i.e., if the digital world exists, there would also be digital thieves who will steal your information or data anonymously. That is a terrible thing because we can physically catch a thief, but finding that one digital thief in the online world is complex or near impossible. A paper wallet is an old form of storing bitcoin at the initial stage, but now it is becoming more popular for crypto fans because it has incredible features you will learn in this guide. Read more about the rise of metaverse to know more detailed information.

Understanding the paper wallet

You know that a wallet is where you can store the bitcoins, check the bitcoins, and do transactions (sending and receiving), but if I would say that, you can store your bitcoin on a piece. Of paper? It sounds crazy, but that is what a paper wallet does, i.e., you can print out your public and private keys on the paper and share the public key with the sender to receive the bitcoins into your offline or paper wallet. The paper wallet is also known as the offline or cold bitcoin wallet because you do not need internet connectivity that enhances its security and keeps it safe from digital thieves.

I know that you cannot do transactions using the paper wallet, or you cannot check the update balance whether you received bitcoin or not, and only you get updated when you connect your paper wallet with the internet.

Why are people trusting the paper wallet now?

The paper wallet was the old term when bitcoin started getting a little bit popular, and people started using these wallets. But the problem with these wallets is that you cannot see the updated wallet because you are not connected to the internet and cannot do any transaction, i.e., transferring the bitcoins. So you must need another hot bitcoin wallet where you can see the bitcoin and can send the bitcoins to your offline wallet. If you tell your friend to transfer to your paper wallet, then no surety or checking system will tell you that you have received the bitcoins into your paper wallet. So people were shifting more to the online wallet, and now bitcoin exchanges like Offline Trading system are more popular, and people are using them. But digital thefts are also increasing, hacking and scamming are expected in this digital world, and people are more serious about long-term investment. So now people use the hot wallets to buy bitcoin and transfer their bitcoins into the paper wallet as a long-term investment because they know that these wallets are offline and no hacker can access the private key until he physically reaches and steals it from the owner.

Structure of the paper wallet

A paper wallet is nothing but a piece of paper where the public and private keys get printed on it so that you can keep them secret from everyone. Some paper wallet generators also allow printing out the keys with the QR code for more accessibility through the hot wallets. If you want to share the bitcoin from a hot wallet to a paper wallet, you can scan the public QR code from the paper and transfer the coins.

Three considerations before taking your printed paper wallet

There are the following three considerations before taking your printout wallet given below:-

  1. Checking the security:- Your internet must be disconnected from the computer when generating the paper wallet because any internet access can make your public or private key visible. The second thing you have to do is install the free or paid scan to check the virus in your computer and after proper scanning or clearing the process, go to the next step.
  2. Print:- You should not use the office printer connected to the other computers or printers as well because the history of your print can get traced, which means your private keys get revealed. And make sure that you are using your home computer printer with high quality.

A place to store:- Your wallet will give the layer to your wallet when you use the hot wallet, but in the cold or paper wallet, you have to keep your paper safe from the water or any damage. You can make more copies of it, laminate it, and use the third-party locker services to keep it safe from people, and if you lose it, you will lose all the coins in the wallet.

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