Why Businesses Should Choose Online Faxing Over Traditional Faxing

Online Faxing

Facsimile, commonly known as ‘fax,’ has a variety of purposes. It serves as the universal method of communication and the quickest means of transmission. Moreover, it is regarded as telecopying because it allows people to send and receive copies of important information through telephonic transmission.

Traditional faxing requires two fax machines and dial tones to transmit documents, one for the sender and one for the receiver. However, due to the ‘digital age,’ it has evolved into a more advanced, secure, and cost-effective one called online faxing. Online faxing is a new way of sending and receiving faxes over the internet. Furthermore, it is an excellent development over traditional analog fax machines.

This article will explain why businesses should choose online faxing over traditional faxing. These are the following reasons why.

  1. Usable

Traditional faxing requires you to set up your necessary equipment, such as your fax machines and phone line. Doing the proper software installation needs time and effort. On the other hand, online faxing is more convenient for you to use. You will only need a computer, mobile device, and an internet connection to manage incoming and outgoing faxes.

Instead of using your dial tone and machines, you can use several platforms. It can include email, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Google Docs, Microsoft Office, IOS devices, Android devices, and online faxing services, like MyFax.com. These can create digital files and assist you in sending and receiving faxes quickly. Moreover, you won’t deal with busy signals and other potential problems.

  1. Mobile

While traditional faxing depends on the machine’s location, online faxing is mobile and flexible. You can send and receive your documents simultaneously, giving you time control. You don’t have to worry if you are out of your office or you don’t have your fax machines with you because you can still process the transmission of documents using your electronic devices and internet access.

  1. Secure

When using online faxing, your files have an added layer of protection because they are encrypted to secure data. Furthermore, this will help ensure that certain documents reach the correct receiver, lessens the incident of data breaches, and won’t allow someone to intercept or edit the document without permission or without having any modification record as part of transparency, making it tamper-proof.

  1. Accessible

The paperwork is complicated, and it is more challenging to manage incoming and outgoing documents. There will be instances when you need to review the files and look for necessary papers. But, with online faxing, you can digitally store your documents, and you will have easy access anywhere. Hence, you can immediately tend to the needed papers without the hassle of checking your machines and paper organizers.

  1. Organize

Online faxing keeps you organized. It allows you to handle your faxes accordingly and lessen your worries about lost and misplaced documents. Moreover, it offers you the ease of record-keeping and archiving capabilities. It will increase your productivity because online faxing will do the work for you. Instead of manually organizing the files, you can respond and focus on more urgent and essential business matters.

  1. Sustainable

Online faxing allows you to send and receive a softcopy of the documents. It helps you lessen the use of paper and ink. Doing so will enable you to reduce your venture’s produced waste and carbon footprint. Compared to traditional faxing, this kind of practice can help save the environment because it doesn’t involve lots of paper.

  1. Cost-Efficient

With traditional faxing, you will need to purchase heavy machines and equipment that requires constant maintenance, repairs, and replacement. On the contrary, online faxing is low maintenance because it doesn’t require fax hardware and no printing costs.

Aside from these, you can save space, allowing you to maximize the size of your workspace and place other necessary equipment. Also, you won’t need many paper boxes or file organizers for storage since it has archiving capabilities; you can archive the documents in your personal or business cloud storage or your computer’s hard drive.


Online Faxing has several advantages for a business. It is one of the ways to automate workflow and improve the organization’s document management system. With the use of online faxing technology, it will let you work with convenience and fewer worries.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your business costs, an easy way to transmit information and documents, and ensure that your organization contributes towards the sustainability of the environment, it is time for your business to consider using online faxing.

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