What you should know about Power Of Attorney?

Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney is a powerful legal document that can be used for a variety of purposes, but at its most basic level, it gives someone else the authority to act on your behalf. When a person is unable to submit paperwork in person, a power of attorney might be used.

Many foreign Pakistanis who invest in the country must transmit power of attorney to someone who lives in Pakistan. It is recommended that you visit the NADRA Card UK so that they can create the appropriate paperwork and explain the attesting process. Paper drafting necessitates great caution, as mistakes or erroneous information might lead to the document being rejected. The NADRA Card Center’s experts can assist with paperwork preparation and minimize¬†unnecessary delays. They can give them permission to purchase, sell, lease, or take ownership of their property on their behalf. Indeed, this is one of the key ways that overseas Pakistanis who are unable to travel to Pakistan conduct business.

Power of Attorney and Overseas Pakistanis:

The majority of Pakistanis who live in other countries, whether temporarily or permanently, own or have property in Pakistan. As a result, flying back and forth between Pakistan and their home country every time they need to complete a property deal is nearly difficult for them. In this scenario, they follow a legal route and use a letter of attorney to authorize one of their family members or friends to handle property affairs on their behalf.

Is Power of Attorney Important?

If you are the victim of an unfortunate event, a NADRA Card Renewal can safeguard your property, finances, and medical care interests. Your wishes may not be carried out or your assets protected if you don’t have one. These documents are vital for your financial security and maybe an important part of your financial house. Yours, as well as your families. Because they help to ensure that loved ones aren’t subjected to emotional, financial, or time-consuming delays if something bad happens.

Requirements for POA:

  • The original and a few duplicates of the power of attorney
  • Attestation of power of attorney application form.
  • His original passport, as well as a copy.
  • His original and a copy of his Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).
  • Two recent passport-size photographs are affixed on the power of attorney next to the place of signature.
  • If the power of attorney paperwork is longer than one page, each page must be signed separately.
  • Copies of your CNIC and the witnesses’ CNICs.
  • Processing fee of AUD 20 in the form of a postal money order or bank check.

The authorities will certify the document, and you will be free to proceed to the next step.

How to Avoid Fraud While Selecting POA?

Are you concerned about the¬†possible risk of fraud when deciding on power of attorney? Here’s how to avoid any potential scam:

  • Name two people who can act jointly as your power of attorney.
  • Share no bank account details with your lawyer or discuss other assets.
  • Keep assets in a secure area, such as legal records that the attorney is not authorized to handle.
  • Speak with your attorney and keep all lines of communication open.

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