What is the Best Free SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate

If you’re wondering what the uses of SSL certificates are, you’re not alone. In this technological age, everyone is constantly watching out for security measures and protecting their private information from being intercepted. Privacy and security are something that is a constant concern for businesses, consumers, and governments everywhere. With this in mind, GeoTrust has made it its mission to provide consumers and businesses alike with secure internet transactions and services.

What are SSL certificates?

For those who don’t know, they are short-form web addresses that provide validation of identity and authentication of websites. A company such as GeoTrust that offers SSL certificates is called an SSL issuer. The primary purpose of these certificates is to validate that the website you’re trying to access is actual. You’ll commonly see this used by financial organizations, business organizations, and other organizations that require visitors to verify their identities before granting them access to certain information or data on the Internet.

Highest level of Authentication

An SSL certificate not only shows that the site you’re trying to access is authentic but it also provides the highest level of authentication available. This level of authentication ensures that the website you’re trying to access is the one it claims to be and not a fake that was placed there to steal personal information or money from you. While there are several different types of SSL certificates, the most commonly used is the Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL). There are many advantages associated with the Extended Validation SSL, including but not limited to.

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What are the benefits of having an EV SSL?

One of the main benefits is called GeoTrust. Geotrust is the ability to prove to a website that the domain name you’re trying to access is registered with an authorized company. If you’ve ever seen a long list of EV SSL certificates, then you know for yourself how difficult it can be to find a company that will grant you access to the information you’re trying to access.

With GeoTrust, you’ll be able to prove to any website that an authorized entity owns the domain you’re trying to access. This helps protect against phishing scams and identity theft. Another great feature of these SSL certificates is called unlimited server licenses. These are licenses that allow you to connect to unlimited websites. This comes in handy when you have many sites that you want to monitor.

How do we Apply these SSL Certificates?

The fact is that these certificates serve the same purpose as other types of encryption, such as Digital certificates and HMACs. However, when you use EV SSL, you’re getting a digital certificate instead of a traditional one. Since there is no need for security, you don’t have to worry about exposing your IP address if you’re using this type of certificate.

It’s pretty easy to apply these SSL certificates because they come pre-loaded into most web browsers when you use them. These SSL certificates can be applied for by simply going into your web browser and doing a search. Once you get to the “My Account” section, you can select “SSL Certificate”. From there, you can enter your details and make your purchase.


As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of getting an SSL certificate and securing your online transactions. EV SSL certificates are used not only for authentication purposes but also for digital certificates and HMACs. If you want to ensure the integrity of your data, you should seriously consider using an SSL certificate. It’s one of the best ways of securing all your transactions.

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