What is a hot wallet in Bitcoin cryptocurrency?


I know people who didn’t hear the name “hot wallet” before because it describes that the wallet will get hot after some time or after using and using energy, but it is not valid. There are different meanings for hot and cold wallets in this digital world. So this is the guide that will give you all the information from the basic level to advance about the hot wallet in bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can find here more details about how can bitcoin affects the sales of topshop.

What are hot wallets?

Hot wallets are the bitcoin wallets that cannot work without internet connectivity, which is why we call them hot wallets. The biggest problem with the bitcoin cold wallet is that we can offline store the bitcoins but cannot send or check the updated bitcoins on paper or USB because they are a physical thing. So we have to connect our offline wallet to our online wallet to check the available bitcoins or do the transactions, and it is only possible with hot wallets.

So in simple language, hot wallets are the place on the internet where you can store your bitcoins and do transactions through a single platform by connecting it to the internet, including the private key and public inside.

How do hot wallets work 

The hot wallet works like the online payment applications we use daily for financial transactions, such as PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and other banking payment applications. We have to create an account on the hot wallet to check the working because there are a bunch of wallets available, and different wallets have separate interfaces and features. For example, you can see the private and public keys in the wallet that you must keep secret, but the public key is the only one you can share with anyone to receive the bitcoins into your wallet. Always remember that you need an internet connection to do any transaction or update your wallet; otherwise, it would not be possible.

Private key:- Private key is crucial in a hot wallet because if it gets hacked or gets accessed by anyone on the internet, then your wallet will be gone (zero). No one can steal the private key online if you use the cold wallet or storage for storing your bitcoins, but you have to be crucial with the private key in the online or hot wallet.

Public key:- Public key in a hot wallet is the username or receiving path from where you get the coins into your wallet. It is like a shareable address with anyone without sharing your identity. Without the wallet’s public key, you can never receive the coins into your wallet. Both keys are essential in a hot wallet to avail of all the benefits, and you have to take care of the private key, like your favourite thing you do not want to lose.

Categories in a hot wallet

There are the following types of hot wallets given below:-

  1. Centralized hot wallet:- The central authority or group of people control the wallet that needs an internet connection to use, also known as bitcoin exchanges. There are plenty of bitcoin exchanges available on the internet and you can choose according to their features and reviews. So centralized wallets provide the same feature of buying, selling, sending, and receiving bitcoins through a single platform.
  2. Decentralized hot wallet:- Decentralized hot wallets are the wallets that are open source which means no staff or centralized authority is working behind to manage all the things, unlike bitcoin exchanges. These wallets also need an internet connection but what makes them different from the centralized hot wallet is having access to the private and public keys. Yes, a private key means having ownership of your funds, but these centralized bitcoin exchanges do not give access to the private key.
  3. Mobile/Desktop wallets:- These wallets can get accessed through different devices like desktop wallets and mobile applications, and they may be both. Now the application wallets are more popular because almost all the people are using mobile devices for their daily work, but the last time, people used desktops, and that’s why there were desktop wallets. These wallets that may be in the form of a website/software or mobile application can be centralized or decentralized.

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