Want To Make Money With Bitcoins? Follow These Detailed Steps


The innovative idea of transferring money online that has no physical base but has extraordinary value was indeed an evolution for the traditional economic society. Asa new currency in the financial investment market, Bitcoin is highly volatile but the profit it gives is massive. Today, one can earn a lot from bitcoin by not only selling or trading it but also in some interesting ways. If you are planning to trade bitcoin, you need a reputable community that will help you improve your trading skills, and you can find one at this link.

  1. Trading: Bitcoin trading is the way to earn profit from bitcoin as traditional stock trading is being done. But, in the case of bitcoin, the profit amount is high as the volatility is high. Bitcoin trading is the most preferred way of earning for the traders who believe in extreme short-term trading like day trading. The price of bitcoin continuously goes up and down almost every day and even sometimes several times in a day. So, if you have an idea about bitcoin’s price fluctuation and its market you can buy bitcoin at a lower price and sell it at a higher price, and that way you can earn a hefty profit. 

An increasing number of bitcoin trading applications has made it even easier. Applications can be an ideal crypto trading exchange for you because the platform gives you some interesting trading and risk management tools.

2. Investing: Investment is a great way to earn passive income and with an asset like bitcoin when the value is high it becomes more profitable. The price of bitcoin is now around $30,000 and as per predictors, it is going to increase in the near future. Some investors also started comparing bitcoin with the high-value investment vessel gold. So, you can also buy some bitcoin and hold them for a long-term investment to gain profit in the future.

3. Mining: Next comes Bitcoin mining; this is the process of generation of new Bitcoin units. This method is profitable but needs extra expenditure, time, and energy in the form of a computational process. Mining can be done in two ways.

● Individual mining: When you mine on your own individually it is called individual mining. But, as the miner requires strong computer systems and high energy it can be costly for you. And also, the reward is dependent on the possibility of solving the mining puzzles.

● Cloud mining: In cloud mining, a group of miners invests to form a mining pool with lots of strong computers and the reward they get by mining bitcoins are being distributed among them.

4. As dividends: Like in stock exchanges sometimes companies give you dividends when shares of a company get liquidated. After the worldwide acceptance of bitcoin, some companies started to offer dividends to their shareholders in bitcoins.

5. Bitcoin lending: You can also earn bitcoin now by lending it. Some companies like Bitbond, Unchained Capital, BTCpop, etc. provide lending services to their customers in exchange for interest of 15% per annum.

6. Accepting bitcoin payments: If you hold a business or merchandise shop you can accept bitcoin payments from your customers willing to pay bitcoins. Many big companies have already started doing so.

7. As for tipping currency: You might have seen or even done sometimes on the internet things like promoting a company’s product, streaming video games, providing answers to technical questions, or finding suitable clothes for someone and getting paid for it. Well, some of these websites like Bitfortip are offering bitcoin for these tasks now.

8. By affiliate marketing: To promote businesses and bring new customers, some companies do affiliate marketing. Here, they offer bitcoin to their existing customers if they can bring new customers to their shops.

9. By playing games: This is a very fun way to earn bitcoin where you just have to play some video games to run the company’s business indirectly. Video games like Bitcoin Alien Run, and Sparkprofit are such Blockchain games that you can play to earn bitcoin.

10. Bitcointalk forum campaigns: It is a forum organized by the founder of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. This forum is very old and used by a few people. But, if you are a regular user of it and put a post here you can get bitcoin as a reward.

Final Words

So, these were some helpful points that you can make use of to earn money with Bitcoins. There must be some more ideas yet to come in the future. Possibilities are endless here.

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