Top 8 AI-Based Video Editing Programs for Optimizing Your Workflow

Video Editing Programs

In case you have been dreaming about advancing your career in video editing, you need to use a high-end PC and learn how to use professional software. However, the biggest hurdle is that many beginner video editors can’t afford to buy powerful hardware that can handle CPU-heavy visual effects. It might prevent them from getting post-production jobs.

In this article, we have rounded up the 10 AI-powered video editing programs that will save you tons of time and allow you to master the ropes without investing in an expensive PC. Read on if you want to learn which AI-based programs and services can help you acquire high-value skills and become a professional video editor.

The Best AI-Powered Video Editing Tools

To create engaging content for social media that will grab the attention of your target audience, you can’t do without AI tools that have completely revolutionized the way we approach video editing. Below, we have described the main tools that you need to consider if you want to start editing videos like a pro.

#1 Movavi

Our top pick is Movavi software which comes with a set of handy AI tools for simplifying your video editing workflow. Its developers adopted artificial intelligence technology to offer their clients powerful AI-based tools. Using this program, you will have all you need at your fingertips as it supports automatic color enhancement, quick video conversion, and seamless post-processing. What makes it stand out among the rest is that it also has advanced file organization tools.

#2 Kamua

This web-based tool enables you to throw away the need for expensive hardware and software. It employs highly intelligent machine learning technology to help users quickly crop, cut, and resize their videos. As Kamua supports cloud computing, you can use it for editing large files and saving them with any aspect ratio you need. In addition, it lets you add subtitles in 60+ languages.

#3 Synthesia

This AI video editor enables you to create attention-grabbing content without the hassle of traditional video production. There is no need to use expensive shooting equipment or hire actors to create a video. You can choose any avatar from the in-built collection and type your text for creating a voice-over. This software is also suitable for creating synthetic media content known as deep fakes.

#4 Magisto

This app is often compared with a video production studio on a phone. It was created for businesses that want to improve their marketing efforts by creating top-quality content. You can edit videos in different styles and use audio files from the in-built library. Using its AI tools, you can produce unique videos based on texts.

#5 Aivo

The best part about it is that it enables you to access extensive collections of royalty-free digital assets for enhancing your videos. Using it, you can create short videos for promoting a brand online and optimize your workflow. The app integrates with Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Pixabay. To test out its tools, you can download a free version.

#6 Kapwing

The program lets you automatically generate videos based on your custom text. You can use it for visualizing your ideas and producing engaging 200px×200px clips. It’s perfectly suitable for making your presentations more engaging. This software lets you remove the background with little to no effort and apply green-screen effects. It has convenient collaboration tools as well.

#7 Pictory

There is no need to have a technical background to use this intuitive software. Its AI tools are suitable for creating awesome branding videos based on text scripts. The program automatically analyzes keywords and generates videos in a few moments. You can record a voice-over by yourself or use the AI-based feature for automatizing this process.


Use this web-based service to make your videos stand out by adding transitions, making the colors pop, and applying overlays. It will automatically select the most relevant footage and audio for your text. With its AI tools, you can resize, crop, and rotate your videos as well as automatically create backgrounds and generate voice-overs.

Summing Up

By using an AI-powered video editing workflow, you can save time on post-production and ensure the satisfaction of your clients. With the adoption of new technologies, creating engaging video content became a breeze. Check out these tools to create stunning effects-intensive footage without wasting much time.

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