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Gaming is one of the most prominent pastime activities globally. In 1998, gaming enthusiasts spent $2.6 billion on video games globally. The figure rose to $24 billion in 2014. This was attributed to the widespread use of smartphones and the introduction of refined mobile games. In 2015, the mobile gaming industry was riding a growing wave triggered by free-to-play games and casual gaming solutions, which continue to attract players worldwide. This read details some of the best casual mobile games that you can play with friends.

1. Genshin Impact

Genshin impact is one of the best role-playing action games released in September 2020. The casual mobile game uses the Unity engine and is courtesy of developers Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co. Ltd, and miHoYo, who is also the original author. This mobile game is set in Teyvat, a fantasy open world composed of seven nations ruled by different gods. Once you launch Genshin impact, you can team up with three friends and fight a common enemy while collecting rewards. The game allows you to switch characters even when fighting and acquire artifacts and weapons.

Apart from fighting, you can explore Teyvat and take on different challenges to win rewards. How well you perform depends on your ability to use the skills and weapons you have acquired to attack and defeat the enemy successfully. The more you advance, the tougher the quests become. Even though the game is free to download, it uses Gacha mechanics that allow you to make in-game purchases. Genshin Impact features impressive graphics and interactive background instrumentals just like online casino slots. Speaking of slots, you can now play online casino games with friends, here’s how:

Online Casino Games

The online casino scene is advancing rapidly with software providers innovating online casino games, for instance, slots that you can play on your phone and with friends. These are dubbed multiplayer slots. The slot machines are captivating and are already available in some of the best Microgaming online casinos. Mobile slot machines come with different themes, including adventure, horror, and movie slots. They also have the best storylines, which will keep you immersed throughout the gameplay. Other online casino games you can play with friends include live dealers such as live blackjack.

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

There is no better way to enjoy gaming with friends on your mobile phone than playing League of Legends: Wild Rift by Riot Games which recently invested in Aim Labs to extend its portfolio. The free-to-play multiplayer battle game will see you control a champion against a group of AI-controlled units. League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of the popular MOBA PC game League of Legends. Your objective is to use your firepower to attack the opposing team and destroy their nexus successfully. The game is highly recommended to smartphone users and gamers worldwide. This is because League of Legends: Wild Rift is entertaining and immersive.

League of Legends: Wild Rift has one of the best mobile-friendly designs. It is also loaded with a comprehensive roster of skilled heroes. Every player starts as weak, but characters become fierce thanks to the skills and items collected as the game progresses. Different game categories will determine the kind of Champions you will get, mainly Lovecraftian Horror, steampunk, and High Fantasy. Read the League of Legends: Wild Rift guide for more instructions if you are new to the game.

3. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is an incredible multiplayer racing video game published by Nintendo and developed by DENA. The game is available for iOS and Android phones and follows in the footsteps of its predecessor Mario Kart, which you can now play on your computer, and for a top gaming experience, you should use the best gaming monitor. For smartphone users, the entire game is based on players racing, with the objective being crossing the finish line first. Mario Kart Tour supports hang-gliding and underwater racing. The mobile video game uses an incredible point-based system with most of the action, such as jump boosts and acceleration happening automatically. You get four options which include leisurely, fast, very first, and too fast, determined in CC. The ‘too fast’ version, denoted by 200cc, is subscription-based. You need to have a gold pass to activate.

The features and modes might see you and your friends play all night due to the game’s interactivity. Mario Kart Tour comes with the Frenzy Mode, a new feature on the mobile version. The mode will give you access to different tools that you can use to enhance your vehicle’s capabilities during racing. Each character can also receive a special skill that will help them conquer the race. If you are a fan of the PC version, you will be impressed to learn that Mario Kart Tour incorporates all your favorite characters and has many tracks. Besides, you will get multiple vehicles ready for competing.

4. Call of Duty: Mobile

2019 saw publisher Activision and TiMi Studio Group bless iOS and Android users with Call of Duty: Mobile. The multiplayer first-person shooter game is free-to-play and resembles the popular PC video game series Call of Duty. Therefore, expect heavy combat that involves guns and running. Call of Duty: Mobile introduces two in-game currencies, thanks to the ever-advancing technology. The currencies include COD Points and Credits, which you collect throughout the game. You are free-to-play Call of Duty: Mobile without making any credit or COD Points payments.

However, you will miss out on exclusive weapons and character skins only available for purchase using COD Points. Just like the best couch co-op games to play on your PC, look forward to special weaponry called Scorestreaks, available only at specific points and times. Besides, the game introduces different multiplayer modes that are engaging. The popular modes include Gun Game and One Shot One Kill. Call of Duty: Mobile starts with players being flown to a location where they skydive to the map. Note that the jump leader dictates where the team will land. The intuitive features of Call of Duty: Mobile, for instance, the auto-fire system, saw the game win the mobile game of the year award in 2019.

5. PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Mobile is yet another casual battle royale video game that you can play on your smartphone. The game was published by Tencent Games and developed by the established Lightspeed & Quantum Studio. PUBG Mobile follows the gameplay for the PC version, where players parachute to the maps and battle until the last man standing. You can compete as a single player, in twos, or as a four-member group. This is dependent on the game mode you pick before launching the match. Once you land on the island, a blue line or boundary appears. This will help you determine the safe zones and the map exterior. Each match on PUBG lasts 30 minutes.

Players who end up on the exterior of the safe zone lose health drastically to the point of death for as long as they remain exposed. The map keeps on shrinking, so it is up to you to ensure you are within the safe zone every time the map shrinks. Players arrive on the map with no weapons and without food. Therefore, they must either search for both or take them from other players to survive. The amazing battle royale experience makes the game fantastic to play. Also, PUBG mobile receives regular updates, including brand new vehicles and guns, all of which are mentioned in the PUBG mobile guide.

These are the top-tier multiplayer mobile games that offer the best gaming experience and are great to play with friends. The options include first-person shooter, racing, and survival games that feature excellent skins and interactive gameplay. While some games are entirely free to play, others like Call of Duty: Mobile require in-game purchases for you to enjoy better weapons and character skins. Moreover, most of them need an internet connection for you to connect with friends. Each option detailed above is worth considering regardless of your preference.

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