The Benefits of Owning a 3D Printer

3D Printer

In recent years 3D printing has taken off, becoming a popular hobby for average consumers. But, beyond use by the everyday man, it’s also a powerful tool to advance industries such as healthcare, construction, and more. So what are the benefits of owning a 3D printer? Here are a few you should know about!


You’d think running a 3D printer would be costly. Still, surprisingly, beyond the outlay for the initial printer, it’s relatively cost-effective. This allows you to do some incredible 3D printing without breaking the bank.

Rapid Prototyping

Because you can print stuff in a matter of hours, you have a lot of potential in prototyping. In addition, its inexpensive nature and relative speed mean experimenting with new ideas far quicker than it used to be. 

Printing On Demand

If you’re looking to run a business where you print certain things to sell, then you’re in luck because a 3D printer means printing on demand. This cuts out the need for intense inventories of items to sell. Instead, you just store 3D design files in a virtual library and edit them according to what you need, and print it. It’s that simple. 

Fast Design & Production

3D printing can be a really fast way to make something useful for personal use or products to sell. This can sometimes not be the case if the design is intricate or larger. However, for the most part, it’s a quick and easy process of picking a design, of which there are many already available online, and printing it in a matter of hours.

Less Waste

In comparison to traditional methods of producing parts, there’s far less waste involved in 3D printing. This is because it prints what it needs and doesn’t create parts and pieces that aren’t going to be used. This is great if you’re not looking to create unnecessary unrecyclable waste.

Thanks to the reduction in waste, 3D printing is far more environmentally friendly than traditional methods of production.

Parts Are Lightweight & Sturdy

The parts that are produced with a 3D printer are lightweight and sturdy. It uses plastic to create parts. However, some 3D printers use metals as well. Plastic is more advantageous to printers looking for something inexpensive and durable. In certain industries, this is a significant benefit.

Flexibility In Designs

3D printers are fully capable of printing incredibly intricate designs, and as a result, means they’re adaptable to designs that seem completely out of the box. So don’t be afraid to put it to the test and print something truly incredible.


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