Recover Deleted videos from The GoPro camera SD Cards

GoPro camera


Action photographers might consider the GoPro camera one of the most important inventions in the history of photography. It opened up a new avenue for the creative use of first-person, point-of-view video to capture just about any activity you can imagine. Things from home skiing movies to award-winning feature films have been made with a GoPro camera.

What are the 5 Major Causes of a GoPro Data Loss?

Several issues can arise when using digital photography equipment, leading to lost videos and photos. Here find some scenarios you might run into that could potentially destroy valuable pictures or footage you have taken with your GoPro, as outlined in stellar photo recovery.

  • If someone is handling the device, accidentally deletes the content before you transfer it to your computer.
  • Problems faced during transmission leave you with no files on your computer or GoPro. After dispatch, GoPro deletes the files that are transferred. When there is an incomplete or faulty download, all of your work could be gone.
  • You format the SD card on your GoPro Black before downloading the photos and videos.
  • You might have issues converting from MP4 to the AVI or MOV format and want to recover the original content deleted from the GoPro.
  • Your GoPro will be damaged or destroyed while you attempt to take challenging shots. Maybe the drone your camera was riding on crashed and took out the camera at the same time. Go Pros are made to withstand a lot, but there is always the potential for something unexpected to occur.

How Do You Recover Deleted Files from a GoPro?

Unfortunately, if you experience any of these problems that lead to deleted MPEGs or other content, help is available. Don’t despair or panic.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software can help you recover lost videos or photos on your GoPro and its associated SD card. Here’s how to do it.

  • Just download and install Stellar Photo Recovery on your windows or Mac computer.
  • Connect the SD card with SD card reader and run the software.

GoPro camera

  • Select the drive from where you want to scan the deleted videos.
  • Once the scan is completed, Preview the scanned files.

GoPro camera

  • Select the videos that you want to Recover, and click Start Saving to save your recovered videos to your desired location.

GoPro camera

It would be best to stop using the device as soon as you have discovered that you have lost some GPR, MP4, JPEG, or audio files from your GoPro. It will increase the likelihood that you will recover your files.

Although they may not be visible to you, they may still exist on the SD card and be recoverable. That is if you don’t overwrite them by continuing to use your camera.

In Conclusion

Recovering lost files from GoPro camera’s SD card could be tricky. One should always leverage a photo recovery software to recover the lost files from GoPro SD cards.

In some scenarios, when GoPro videos are fragmented before deleting them, the recovery of the entire video file will be complicated. Stellar’s team has been working on special tool to provide GoPro video repair and reconstruction functionality with their awesome video repair tool. The longer the video we find, the higher the chances that it will be fragmented, resulting in the inconsistency of data restoration. The features that will address this functionality are on our roadmap.

Hopefully, you can recover the videos from the GoPro SD cards.

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