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React JS

Developing exciting web applications with React has proven to be developers’ first choice. React offers a ton of advantages for developers and business leaders alike, whether you are looking for upskilling or to enhance your digital offerings.

When it comes to developing websites, Javascript is a must-know. Getting started with Javascript is the first step. In order to create interactive web pages, you must first become familiar with Javascript as a programming language. 

The first framework you’ll encounter when you’re choosing a javascript framework for creating your first web page is React JS. React is a javascript library for developing user interfaces that are becoming increasingly popular and rapidly growing. React JS experience is a requirement for a large percentage of front-end developer jobs and this trend is expected to continue.

This leads to a number of questions for those starting out on this journey: what is React JS, and how do you learn it? In addition, it is important that we understand the different career opportunities that are available once we learn React?

What is React JS?

The open-source JavaScript library React JS, also known as React, can be used to build web applications’ front-ends. Essentially, it is used for developing web applications and dynamic libraries, as well as for developing UIs that can render large datasets adequately.

By combining JavaScript with a new rendering method, it combines the speed and responsiveness of web pages.

What is the role of a React JS Developer?

Front-end developers who excel at React JS are responsible for designing and implementing the UI components for web and mobile applications that use JavaScript. A React JS developer is involved in every phase of UI component development, from the beginning of the project to the end.

What are the benefits of learning React JS? Why pursue a React JS course?

With the React JS course, front-end developers are able to build UIs faster, more efficiently, and more effectively without having to have complex coding skills. The front-end framework that is the perfect choice for an entry-level developer is React JS, which is very popular, like Angular and Vue.js.

Almost all of the huge companies use React JS these days, such as Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Udemy, and Twitter. The React ecosystem has been heavily invested in, so many companies have built new tools and libraries to accelerate and simplify React development.  

SEO-friendly– In other words, to make React JS SEO friendly, you won’t have to change anything. A regular web page is rendered right from the server to the browser. 

Component-based architecture– To build any UI, developers are able to employ a problem-solving approach using React JS. Developers are able to generate and combine their content components, import them, and integrate them into the core content as needed.

Stable code is guaranteed– As React JS only uses downward data flow, making small changes to the child structures won’t affect the parents. It is simply a matter of modifying the state, making changes, then updating only certain components afterwards. 

Developers can reuse the code– Developers are able to reuse their existing code with React JS with minimal modification.

It is faster than other libraries– Performance-wise, React JS is greater than that of Angular and other frameworks because of its Virtual DOM. 

The learning curve is easier– Compared to other libraries, React is easier to learn. Developers don’t have to learn or revise programming languages in order to learn React JS. Developers are already familiar with JavaScript, so React is built on that foundation.

React JS Will Expand Your Horizons- An exciting career move in web development can be becoming a web developer. You need to develop new and necessary skills to become successful. 

Secure and well-supported- As React JS is maintained by Facebook and is backed by a huge developer community, it has a huge reach and a massive support network.

In addition, to React JS, you will probably need other tools to successfully complete your project, however, the truth is that you can integrate almost any technology with it, so developers are given a lot of flexibility

Learn to build mobile apps and react native with React Native– It becomes easier to learn React Native after learning React JS, an open-source framework for developing mobile apps suited for Android, iOS, Web, and UWP. With React Native knowledge, an individual can easily move from web development to mobile app development.

You can reach advanced levels-To extend React’s functionality, you can use an ecosystem of open source components. It has a wide variety of books that you can learn a lot from to become somewhat of an expert.

To be a React “expert”, one must have a strong understanding of JavaScript, the DOM, and other important web development factors.

As a front-end library, React offers a ton of depth that not all other libraries (except for Vue and Angular) offer. As a result, there are React developer roles that pay more than six figures for senior positions that have been using it for a long time.

You can use it in your own projects-You can use React in your own projects because it is highly performant and reliable. Learn React if you want to develop a product, start a business, or build a prototype. Exploring the code in React will make it easy for you to create something. You can build prototypes and quickly test out new ideas if you know a front-end framework like React well. There are other options available, but since it enables you to develop UI features quickly, it is a terrific option.

Career opportunities with React

Job openings for React JS Developers are high and growing. Companies in all industries and across all geographies require these developers. But you will need to be more than just a React JS expert in order to be successful in your career.

Showing your portfolio will help you stand out in the hiring and selection process. That’s why demonstrating your skills by working on real-world projects and building real-world applications is the best method.

In the past, we discussed how many big organizations have incorporated React and continue to improve their experience. Listed below are a few of the top companies with which most front-end developers aspire:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Netflix
  4. Yahoo
  5. Dropbox
  6. The New York Times 

The recent popularity of React JS among tech companies across the globe has been attributed to its extensive nature. Naukri.com tells us that there are over 12000 jobs in August 2021 that require React JS skills, which demonstrates the high demand for React JS skills. Considering India is a global hub for tech innovation for the world’s biggest brands, this figure is not all that surprising. 

Is React JS essential for success?

Making you a successful programmer can be easy with React. Programmers have an advantage when learning React JS since the framework teaches them more than how to navigate the framework itself. You can learn new patterns of thinking that can apply to other areas of programming as well. In addition to Vue, Angular, Redux, and jQuery, there are other JavaScript frameworks and libraries you can use.


Web developers use React JS to build interactive elements that are more streamlined using JavaScript. Understanding React JS may help you gain an advantage in the world of programming, as it is used to create both websites and mobile apps.

A final point that is worth mentioning is that the entire React JS library is maintained and supported by Facebook, which automatically lends it a certain level of credibility and popularity among web developers. Due to its open-source nature and complete freedom of use, developers have a lot of opportunities to use their creativity.

You will have excellent career opportunities as the web development industry grows in response to an increase in demand for websites. To excel as a React JS Developer, you must practice your skills to the maximum, which will take a lot of discipline and passion. 

We hope you find this post helpful in finding the information you were looking for. When deciding to become a React JS Developer, then you might be just beginning your journey to becoming a member of an industry that offers endless opportunities to become your own boss. 

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