Is it a good idea to study class 8 with NCERT books?

NCERT books

Exams administered by schools serve as a stepping stone in our professional careers. The class 8th examination will begin in a few days, and pupils are unsure how to begin studying for the exam and get high results. We have some helpful recommendations for preparing for the CBSE Syllabus for Class 8, which will help you enhance your performance and results.

The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is an independent institution tasked with researching, publishing, and enhancing the quality of Indian education. NCERT, as an organisation, is in charge of developing CBSE’s curriculum. It also publishes textbooks for the benefit of students. A good example is the NCERT textbook for Class 8. The 8th Class NCERT book is very accurate, corresponds to the syllabus, and is recommended by instructors across India as one of the finest textbooks to follow because it is designed by the same organisation that creates the syllabus.

These publications assist students in their learning process, as well as providing quick access to the NCERT class 8 all books, which may help students understand difficult ideas. Class 8 NCERT answers are also available.

Make a mental list of key concepts.

The simplest and most simple method is to start by compiling a list of all the relevant ideas and equations for easy reference and review. You won’t miss any crucial topics if you list the chapters, and you’ll be able to readily review each subtopic and notion. You may also recollect concepts just by looking at the list.

Remove Your Doubts

The second, and equally crucial, step is to ask your teacher to clarify any doubts or questions you may have as soon as possible. Hesitating to express your uncertainty will just add to your bewilderment and lead to a loss of confidence.

NCERT is a good place to start.

Concentrate on the NCERT curriculum, as it has the most up-to-date solved examples.

Question Papers from the Past

Try to solve as many previous year’s question papers as you can; this will help you figure out which questions have been asked how many times, as well as the marks assigned to each question. It also provides you an indication of how long your answer should be. Solving papers also gives you a sense of how many various ways the same question has occurred and how to respond to it.

Make an effort to write more.

Examine your ideas extensively, but be sure you can write what you’ve learned. Writing, rather than just reading, has been shown to aid in the retention of any notion for a longer period of time. Writing provides practise, enhances your replying style, and provides ideas for how to phrase your responses. You learn your writing pace and modify accordingly during the examination.

Make a Timetable

Make a study timetable and practise on the questions with which you are most familiar. Divide your 24-hour period into several modules, focusing on the areas where you require more time. It gives you enough time to prepare for any eventuality.

Prepare in accordance with the subject

Various disciplines need various methods of preparation. For example, mathematics entails graph plotting, solving as many linear equations as possible, geometry principles, and, of course, formulas. This entails having a thorough comprehension of the concept and putting it into practise.

Diagrams and explanations are used to explain science. As a result, ensure that the diagram to be depicted is as crisp and clear as possible, as well as appropriately labelled. Also, make a point of explaining each and every designated section, such as the digestive system, respiratory system, and so on, during the discussion.

The field of social science is wide, encompassing fields such as economics, civics, history, and geography. So make sure you’re always up to date on the main features of each facet so you don’t forget anything around test time.

Improve your English score by completing as many passages as possible, as this is where you may get your points without having to memorise any answers. Additionally, attempt to complete as many Sample papers as possible in order to enhance your grammar and essay writing abilities. Because each student is unique, we believe that each student has the right to know the best way to improve their performance and keep going forward, thus we give appropriate answers.


On the market, there is a huge selection of Class 8 Books. As a result, deciding on the top Class 8 Books for exam prep is really difficult. Students in the eighth grade should remember that NCERT 8th Class books are the standard and best study material. In addition, in response to the digital age, NCERT has made Class 8 NCERT Books available in online versions for all classes on its official website. As a result, students may now obtain the NCERT book for 8th Class much more easily. If you are looking for a good place where you can clear your doubt then Infinity Learn can help you out. We have the best team to guide you and help you get good marks in your exams.

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