How to Turn Your Tech Into a Fashion Accessory

Fashion Accessory

Most people only wear certain accessories with certain outfits. For instance, you might wear a particular pair of sunglasses with your bathing suit, or a certain hat with sweaters in the fall. However, there’s one accessory that you will always have on you — your phone – not to mention your earbuds, smartwatches, and trackers as well. If you don’t currently think of your tech as fashion statement, read on to discover how to turn your phone into your hottest, newest accessory.


Because our phones are in our hands all the time, they’re very visible to the outside world, making them the perfect piece of tech to turn into a fashion statement. Here are six different ways that you can customize your phone to turn it from a nondescript metal rectangle to a fashion accessory:

  • Case: A case is the single best way to protect your phone and turn it into a fashion statement. Phone cases come in many different colors, materials and designs so that you can choose the one that best suits your aesthetic. If you want to go all out, then get multiple cases so that you can match them to your outfits accordingly!
  • Phone wallet: We’re separating these out from your standard phone cases because they serve a purpose beyond just protecting your phone. If you hate having to carry a wallet or purse, you can turn your phone into a wallet with a smartphone wallet case. Smartphone wallet cases are slim, sophisticated and show that you mean business.
  • Camera protector: Camera protectors are usually utilitarian, but some of them come in fun colors or have rhinestones attached to them. Pick one that coordinates with your case to pull the look together.
  • Grip or ring: Phone grips and rings attach to the back of the case with adhesive and help stop you from dropping your phone every other minute. They come in many different designs and colors so you can coordinate with your case for a matching look. Just keep in mind that these grips may interfere with wireless charging capabilities.
  • Phone purse: If you don’t want to carry a full purse, but don’t have pockets that will hold your smartphone, get a cute little purse exactly sized to your phone. If you will be hitting the beach or lake, then pick up a waterproof smartphone pouch printed with a design to match your bathing suit. You’ll protect your phone and look stylish at the same time.


Since they stay on your wrist, smartwatches are another tech item that can easily be turned into a fashion accessory. Plus, watch bands are even easier to swap out than phone cases, meaning there’s no excuse for not coordinating your smartwatch to your outfit!

  • Bands: Similar to phone cases, cute Apple Watch bands come in all sorts of designs and materials, including silicone, leather, metal and even stretch elastic bands. We recommend having at least a couple of different types of bands on hand for different outfits and activities. For instance, you might wear a nice leather band to the office and then switch it out for a more sturdy silicone option when you go for a run.
  • Bumper cases: Bumper cases are optional, but they do provide an extra layer of protection and customization for your phone. Choose a color that complements your watch bands so the watch looks like one cohesive accessory.


Earbuds and headphones are arguably accessories in and of themselves, but you can take their fashion statement to the next level with the addition of a few key accessories.

  • Case cover: AirPods case covers come in all sorts of designs, from plain and practical to bright florals to fun cartoon designs. Cases are also easy to swap out, making earbuds a great accessory for any outfit that you’re wearing.
  • Neck strap: Wireless headphones are super convenient — until one falls out when you’re walking down a busy street. Keep your earbuds secure during walks, runs, commutes and other activities with a neck strap that attaches to both of the earbuds so they can’t go missing.
  • Ear hooks: Silicone ear hooks help keep your earbuds securely in place during runs or workouts. While some earbuds come with ear hooks integrated into the design, removable ear hooks give you a greater flexibility when it comes to customizing the look and feel of your earbuds.


Who says trackers have to be boring? Cute AirTag cases turn this practical tech item into an adorable accessory that will elevate your outfits to the next level.

  • Keychain case: Keychain AirTag cases feature a bumper design that securely covers the edges of the tracker and ends in a sturdy carabiner or a split ring. Many different colors, designs, and materials are available so you can choose the one that complements your bag or outfit the best.
  • Loop case: If you want a slightly different attachment system, try a loop case instead. Instead of a split ring or carabiner, these cases feature a strong cord loop that will fit through small crevices and can be attached to pretty much any bag or case. They also feature a shock-absorbent silicone shell that holds the actual tracker, making them a great choice for luggage or gym bags that put up with a lot of wear and tear.

Follow these suggestions to turn your phone, smartwatch, earbuds, and trackers into accessories that will go with any outfit. Got more tips for turning your tech into fashion accessories? Drop them in the comments below so we can all learn from each other!

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