How To Secretly Follow Someone On Instagram


Following someone with a private Instagram (IG) account isn’t straightforward. Especially, if they’re unwilling to accept your follow-up request.

Perhaps, it’s your business competitor, friend, spouse, or children. Your aim is to follow them anonymously to see the messages or photos they’re sharing. If it’s your teenage kid, knowing what they’re up to on IG lets you step in on time before harm befalls them. And if it’s your business competitor, you can learn a thing or two from their IG profiles.

Following them without getting caught is possible with practical tools and tricks. Below are four ways on how to secretly follow someone on Instagram:

  1. Use Instagram Private Viewer

With the abundance of private Instagram viewers in the market today, you won’t be able to avoid following the person you’re after. Some are free, while others are commercial.

Sites like EarthWeb review the best private Instagram viewers, and you’d want to try them out. Their features and capabilities vary, so you’d like to analyze several and settle on the one that’ll meet your needs.

Below are some viewers you can use to follow someone secretly on Instagram:

  • uMobix

This is one of the top private Instagram viewers that’s Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled. It lets you access the Instagram accounts of your targets.

First, if you want to keep track of your spouse’s or kids’ activities, you can monitor them through screenshots. Second, you can prevent any harmful content from being visible on their end while receiving updates every five minutes. Lastly, it allows you to view some of your target’s social media accounts apart from IG.

  • Eye Zy

This is another excellent app since it can connect to different devices such as Android, iPhone, and iOS. Its incredible features enable you to view chats and the date and time they sent the messages.

  • X Mobi

This software allows you to remotely access someone’s Instagram profile without physically accessing the device.

  • Spy Human

This app is unique in that it lets you get the numbers of the users you’d like to communicate with.

The list of Instagram private viewer apps doesn’t end here; there are many others you can try out. Feel free to explore more if the ones listed herein don’t meet your requirements.

  1. Use Instagram Story Viewer Tools

You’ll find that most Instagram profiles are either set to public or private. The ones set to private aren’t easier to view if the user doesn’t follow you. Fortunately, some tools allow you to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

They give you an easier time seeing what activities your kids are up to. You can also know whether your partner is cheating. Moreover, you can tell if one of the accounts is being hacked into and potentially putting your kids in danger.

In this regard, you can prevent them from messaging shoddy people. Most fraudsters on Instagram masquerade as teens, but they’re older men or women looking to take advantage of teenagers.

Some of the Instagram story viewer tools in the market include:

  • Glassagram

This is a recent tool, but it’s known for its high quality and reliability. It can give you notifications when the target’s private Instagram profile uploads a photo or video. You won’t have to check your Instagram or profile all the time. It’s also simple to use and install.

  • Umobix

This is an anonymous Instagram viewer compatible with Android, iPhone, and iOS.

  • EyeZy

It’s an affordable tool you can use to see chats and photos, and you can also review information and dates.

  • Stories Down

This is a reasonably excellent tool. It’s suitable for a beginner and free to use. You also don’t have to register for anything.

The list of these Instagram story viewer tools is endless. You can look into others and find the one that meets your unique needs.

  1. Create A Fake Account

If your attempt to follow someone continues to fail, you could try creating a fake account. This way, you’ll use a different user name unknown to them. If you’re lucky enough, they may follow you back, and you’ll be able to see every activity on their account. Yet, when using this method, you should be cautious so Instagram doesn’t realize it’s a fake account. They may block you from ever using it again.

  1. Use A Friends Account

This is another method of secretly following someone on Instagram. It’s the easiest and quickest method if you know a close friend of the person you’re targeting. You can be honest and tell them your reasons for following that person. The only hindrance you may face is that they may inform the person you’d like to follow.


Following someone who’s made their account private on Instagram is pretty simple if you master the tricks and workarounds. You can look into private Instagram viewer apps to see which one makes it easy to view a personal account. Ultimately, you’ll be able to see everything on the other person’s phone, from pictures to stories, and even prevent anything terrible from happening if it were to harm them.

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