How to Generate Relevant FAQs Using Advanced AI Software


FAQ pages on your website are very important, as these pages are dedicated to providing visitors to your website with easy, quick, and simple answers to some of their most common questions and concerns. The answers are given in an organized manner, thus allowing for the visitors to be able to get feedback quickly, which makes for a great customer service strategy.

With a good FAQ section on your website, you can easily sweep your concerns away and save time by providing automated answers to repeated questions. Your site’s visibility also ranks higher with the inclusion of more keywords in your FAQ section, hence offering a better user experience.

The traditional way of doing FAQs involves having to manually input the questions and answers by your support staff. This method has many disadvantages in the digital era, as concerns keep changing and constant updates will be needed. The questions may also not be inclusive due to a lack of comprehensive data to base questions on. Smart FAQs are proving to be more helpful and inclusive with several benefits as discussed below:

Benefits of smart FAQs:

Traditional methods of keying in FAQs tend to be time-intensive and are impossible to keep updated. With smart FAQs, maintenance of updated FAQs is made easy. You can generate FAQs quickly as the AI software crawls PDFs and different web content and generates context-rich questions. The questions are also curated to fit in the search relevancy by comparing the most common question inputs on the google search engines. This means that your FAQs will always be precise and client-need based.

Although it is important to continually engage with your clients on a 24/7 support system of calls, having smart FAQs reduces support calls. The answers are fast, accurate, and do not need a human interpreter. The responses are not finite and static and your users have a smooth unified experience on your website. They do not need to scour through lots of website pages to get what they need as it can all be accessed in one place.

Time is saved as you do not have to keep guessing what users need. The smart FAQ AI automatically generates specific answers for you. The content crawlers also go through the organizations’ databases and content to find the right and relevant information for you. NPL is also used to generate the list of context-rich questions in light of user engagement keeping FAQs fresh and accurate. Your staff is now able to spend more time selling and retaining customers as compared to keeping up with FAQs.


SMART FAQ Content Creation Loop:

  • Content crawling: smart FAQ crawls through available resources on the internet, social media platforms, pdfs, and other documents to look at the content that is produced by the organization
  • NPL automation: with NPL, it is possible to generate a list of context-rich questions that show what users mostly search for or want to know
  • Result tuning: the results from the NPL are fine-tuned to keep up with the data from user engagement on different points
  • User access: the Smart FAQs are then posted on the FAQ section of the website for user access.
  • Post-analysis: as time goes by the smart FAQ analyzes what it is that users are searching for and updates FAQs accordingly.


Technological progressions allow for time-saving and increased customer engagement, and Smart FAQs help you achieve just that. With the incorporation of this amazing tool into your website, you will have your target audience nodding in agreement and understanding all the way to their purchase and engagement.

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