How to boost your RISE with SAP Investment with SAP BTP?

SAP Investment

Today’s businesses rely on effective end-to-end processes for consistently satisfying consumer and market needs. Achieving such corporate transitions successfully depends increasingly on cloud platforms and apps.

They help businesses set up standardized procedures and are adaptable enough to implement unique requirements quickly.

Leveraging the Latest Technology for Your Business

But when it comes to it, the most common question is, ‘How can we implement the cloud and leverage the benefits of its system for our business?’

How can we put process improvements and innovations into action? And how can we make sure the systems satisfy the needs particular to our sector?

These inquiries are outdated, thanks to RISE with SAP. Companies acquire a complete set that includes all the essential elements for an innovative, sustainable cloud-based enterprise: The core cloud products from SAP ERP’s portfolio and an SAP implementation partner’s complementary solutions and services to guarantee a successful transformation and a smooth transition.

The RISE transformation framework is SAP BTP. Here are the top reasons to integrate S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform as part of your RISE with SAP transformation.

The “As A Service” Model of the Cloud

The cloud’s adaptability and ease of use are two significant benefits of RISE with SAP. In addition, SAP ERP Cloud apps are included in a starter kit that you supply as a subscription-based agreement.

This eliminates the requirement for fragmented licensing and service fees and removes the need to assemble your solution one piece at a time. Additionally, you can utilize each element in a manner that works best for you.

You may avoid making significant upfront commitments by using the subscription model and just paying for what you use. This allows you the most considerable design freedom when planning your cloud migration.

Best Practices for Various Business Sectors

To get the best outcomes, different components for RISE with SAP can be customized to match the unique requirements of your LoB (Line of Business) and industry.

To support industry-specific processes, SAP offers extra business innovations and capabilities through the so-called “Industry Packages.” As a RISE with SAP client, you have the freedom to select the items that will be most advantageous to your operations.

Finance Flexibility

Greater financial flexibility is another benefit of RISE with SAP. This subscription-based model gives you financial flexibility while avoiding significant upfront capital commitments. This gives you greater flexibility to use the services to foster company innovation.

The bundled approach offers additional advantages to RISE with SAP clients, such as a discount on LoB or industry packages.

Innovative and Adaptive Technologies

For several essential process areas, RISE with SAP contains sophisticated technology and automation that may be employed straight away. As a result, your staff could concentrate on expanding the company rather than worrying about obligations that recur at regular intervals.

By doing this, you reach higher efficiency, which is beneficial in times of severe shortages of trained people, which are now hurting businesses across various industries.

What makes up RISE with SAP’s Components?

Five fundamental parts make up RISE with SAP, and they all work together to address every important facet of your company’s change.

RISE with SAP’s five variables, in brief:

  • Business Networks
  • Cloud ERP
  • Business Platform & Analytics
  • Outcome-Driven Services & Tools
  • Business Process Intelligence 

Cloud ERP

At its core, SAP S/4HANA Cloud is at the center of RISE with SAP. Customers may purchase SAP S/4HANA Cloud in its private or public cloud edition. Customers are assured of a high level of flexibility and scalability in both situations since SAP handles technical deployment and cloud hosting of its solution.

Your circumstances and objectives will largely determine the best possibilities for your business. Customers that want a lot of personalization and customization possibilities can, for instance, decide to purchase the Private Cloud Edition. In addition, businesses can also opt for SAP S4HANA over a public cloud to implement SAP standards.

Business Process Intelligence

Everything businesses require to incorporate a higher degree of openness and intelligence into their business operations is provided by SAP BPI (Business Process Intelligence).

You may assess, monitor, and improve your processes using the SAP Signavio tools that are part of SAP BPI. This involves early detection of possible dangers, modeling alternative business scenarios, inefficiencies, and actual operational excellence improvements.

Business Analytics & Platform

Customers rising with SAP get access to the most cutting-edge solutions created by SAP and its community of partners, including many SAP implementation partners, thanks to the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

On Accely’s SAP BTP, businesses may directly buy and apply technologies like robotic process automation, IoT, machine learning, and advanced analytics, among others. In addition, customers of RISE with SAP may successfully use the most recent technologies to promote the improvement of their critical business processes, thanks to the platform’s ongoing expansion.

Business Networks

Three solutions that effortlessly interface with SAP S/4HANA Cloud are included in the SAP LBN (Logistics Business Network), SAP AIN (Asset Intelligence Network), SAP Business Network Starter Pack, and SAP Ariba Network.

With the help of these technologies, businesses can track their company costs, centrally manage their network of assets, and integrate their procurement operations throughout the whole supply chain.

Collaboration between suppliers, service providers, and end users is made more accessible. For instance, you gain from more precise delivery tracking, ease of discovering new logistics partners, and efficient order processing.

Outcome-Driven Services & Tools

Customers of RISE with SAP have access to various embedded tools and services, including SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, SAP Enable Now, and SAP Readiness Check. These can help with business model optimization, core process optimization, and smooth cloud migration.

In Conclusion

Get started with SAP BTP and boost your SAP investment today with the help of a qualified SAP implementation partner. Remember, when it comes to implementing SAP solutions, it’s always wise to trust SAP Gold Partners and professionals.

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