How Many Pay Stubs Do I Need for a Mortgage?


The home-buying process is a complex one. There are numerous hoops you have to jump through before you can get the keys to the castle.

Lenders are thorough because they need to know that you’re a solid investment for them. That means they look through your financial present and past, combing through the details to find out if you’re worthy of a particular loan and interest rate.

One aspect of that process is providing pay stubs. These count as pieces of your proof of income. You’re probably wondering, “how many pay stubs do I need for a mortgage?”

We’re going to answer that question and more today, getting you ready to provide the documentation to your lender. Let’s get started.

 How Many Pay Stubs Do I Need for a Mortgage?

Each lender might have slightly different requirements. That said, a rule of thumb is that borrowers need roughly two years of pay stubs in order to get a mortgage.

In addition to those pay stubs, you may also need the W-2s from that time as well as your tax documentation. Applying for a mortgage requires that you have these documents in some form, even if you have an unusual income situation.

The difficulty is that many of us don’t keep all of our paystubs. If you still receive physical pay stubs and you’ve thrown them away, you’re probably scrambling for ideas on how to get them.

Contact your employer(s) of the past two years and see if they have copies. Businesses are required to keep those records as a piece of their own tax regimen. Odds are that your employer will keep those records for 3 years as is required by law.

What If I Don’t Get Pay Stubs?

Many of us don’t receive physical pay stubs anymore. You might work as a freelancer or have a digital way of keeping your payment records.

In those cases, whatever documentation there is to prove your income should work. Talk with the lender to see if they have any specific practices when it comes to digital stubs.

It’s also worth talking to your employer about setting up a way to generate pay stubs. Online paystub generators are a great help for you, your employer, and your records for posterity. Individuals looking to start applying for a mortgage in the next few years would be wise to explore their pay stub-generating options.

Physical copies or digital records of pay stubs streamline the process of organizing your mortgage documents. The less complicated you can make things, the less stressful the process of buying a home will be for you and your family.

Want to Learn More About Proof of Income?

So, “how many pay stubs do I need for a mortgage?” The answer is generally two years’ worth, although there could be some exceptions. There’s more to learn about keeping clean financial records, though.

Explore various sites online for more ideas on keeping track of your pay and making sure you’re ready when it comes time to buy a house.


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