How Long Does Mobile App Developers Take To Create A Mobile App?

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When you have an app idea, a lot of questions and thoughts start to gnaw at you. Whenever we think of developing a mobile application or say visit any mobile application development agency for the same, some of the most common questions are:

  • What Is the Price of Building a Mobile App?
  • How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

In this content-piece, we aim to outline the process for obtaining an estimated time frame. Load testing tools are software that simulates “real world” load environments to place upon apps or websites in a controlled, safe environment.

First of all, it’s quite difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy when the initial release will be available for purchase. Even if you know exactly what your app will do and who it will entertain, there are several other uncontrollable aspects. This could consequently affect how long it takes an app development business to produce the app.

Time-related variables in the creation of mobile apps


Depending on the platform you select, the amount of time and work needed to create a fully functional app will vary. Both systems require a sizable time commitment, albeit Android still demands more effort in our (PSSPL) experience in this area.

This is a result of fragmentation making it challenging to develop applications for a wider range of devices. The iOS platform requires a lot more work before it can be surpassed, although Google has been enhancing and perfecting the Android Software Developers Kit (SDK) over time to handle a variety of screen sizes, pixel densities, OS versions, etc.

Like this, the Android platform approves apps faster than the iOS platform. At PSSPL, our skilled staff of iOS and Android app developers is well-versed in the common issues and solutions.


The degree to which the mobile app developers comprehend your concept is crucial in determining the time frame. If your idea is too simple, such as simply being a replica of other software, the iOS/iphone app developers can easily understand and implement the strategy. Making your argument clearly will take more time if you are developing an application with some innovative and distinctive features.

Before beginning to develop a mobile app, we at PSSPL try our level best to fully comprehend and investigate the idea’s potential.

Process for Developing Apps

The method you use greatly affects the amount of time needed for development. A good process aids in completing everything on time, including planning, designing, developing, and testing. While an improper technique could lead to an overall imbalance!

As your mobile application development company, we adopt an agile methodology that allows for the co-emergence of requirements and solutions between the user and the development team. It encourages ongoing improvements, flexible planning, evolutionary growth, and earlier delivery. The best aspect of this strategy is that it excels at complex projects where the needs of the client alter more frequently.


Once again, the features you want to add in your mobile application will affect how long it takes to develop from scratch. The more features there are, the longer it will take. What kind of feature or functionality you want to incorporate into your software is important once more. Depending on how sophisticated the functionality is, certain aspects may be simple to implement while others may require a little more work and time.

The situation may be dangerous due to the complexity of the app’s concept and required functionalities. Even if you invest a lot of money in it, you might not get the outcomes you wanted. We advise our clients to go for creating MVP – Minimum Viable Product to make up for the time, effort, and financial loss.

Targeted Population

When opposed to those for a bigger audience, such as 50,000 users, developing a mobile app for a small number of concurrent users, such as 1000 users, includes fewer considerations. According to what we know, a larger audience application requires more architecture, infrastructure, performance testing, and tuning. All of these elements increase the time needed to create an app.

Closing Lines….

The facts mentioned above make it clear that developing a high-end mobile app is not an easy or quick task. It takes a significant investment of time, effort, resources, and strategy to create an app that stands out in the app market.

PSSPL is always ready to serve its customers in case of any other questions about app development.

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