Here Are Ways to Speed Up Broadband Speed in Rural Areas

Broadband Speed

Stuck in rural regions with poor or slow broadband connectivity?

This is not the first time; you may have heard this.

Many staying in remote and rural regions face the issue of a slow broadband speed. For the outskirts of Mumbai, you must opt for the best internet service provider in Mumbai and in the case of Chennai, you must go for the best internet service provider in Chennai available in your location. Have any idea – why the broadband connection in rural areas is slow? Read on to know.

Why do rural areas have a slow broadband connection?

The answer to this is – there’s no adequate infrastructure in rural regions to facilitate fibre optic speed. What does this infer? Broadband functions well using one of the 3 major methods –

ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line)

ADSL is one of the slowest forms of connectivity. An ADSL uses the copper cable that runs between your telephone exchange and cabinet and then another copper wire runs between the cabinet and premises. ADSL provides 1-24 MBPS.

FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet)

FTTC is a popular form of internet connectivity. FTTC runs the fibre cable to your closest street cabinet, and then from the copper line from the cabinet to your premises. FTTC provides 10 – 80 MBPS.

FTTP (Fiber to the Premises)

FTTP is more popular in the inner-city regions where the cost of its implementation is lower as the premises are closer to each other. FTTP provides 40 – 330 MBPS.

The issue with business broadband in rural regions

While the fibre to the cabinet is common in rural regions, the major problem is that the speed is highly dependent on the distance you are from the nearest cabinet. The more far away from the cabinet, slower is the speed.

What are the ways to enhance the speed of your rural business broadband?

Shop around for the deals

Broadband providers require being as competitive as possible with respect to their packages. It is always a wonderful idea to shop around for the deal to view if the company can provide a faster speed. Do not forget local broadband providers, who might be able to assist you with your speed issues.

Point to point

For businesses with slightly fewer remote locations, point-to-point communication might be highly advantageous. Point-to-point transmits the data signal wirelessly utilizing the waves from one point to the next. These points must be both within the line of sight of each other.

Using the point-to-point connection, you can transmit the data signal between the 2 points for a pragmatic signal to your premises. The signal can ameliorate your business broadband speed.


A good way to speed up the rural broadband connection is to shift to the temporary 4G WIFI solution. 4G has long stood as the standard for mobile data connection. Its reliable speed and huge coverage provide users with a pragmatic online browsing experience. Therefore, using the 4G WIFI to speed up your rural connection might be the best choice.

With the above business broadband connections, you can enhance your work productivity. For this make sure to go for the best service provider in your city. Suppose your business is in Chennai, go for the best internet service provider in Chennai.

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