Everything you need to know about electronic performance support systems!

electronic performance support systems

Technology is changing at a very fast pace, and it becomes essential for all of us to do the same to sustain in this environment for the coming time. Today we can see a lot of new software coming up in the market, and all of them have been designed to fulfill a specific purpose.

While it is easy for tech geeks to understand this software easily, but it is difficult for a layman to draw inferences from this software. That is why we need electronic performance support systems in an organization.

For anyone who has no clue about what they are, these systems improve the adoption of software, by making sure that the end-user can understand all the elements of software and they can easily use the software all by themselves, rather than taking any kind of external help. It makes sure to provide all the necessary information at the right time to the user of particular software so that they get the best user experience. Following are some of the benefits that can be achieved with the help of electronic performance support systems:

  • Helps save money: If you want to learn about new software, most probably you will like to learn about it by enrolling yourself in a course or studying reference material regarding it, like PDFs, manuals and articles, etc. But why use them, when you can learn about them by practically using them by yourself? All the traditional methods of learning about software are too expensive and consume a lot of money, that is why you should consider having an EPSS in your business organization. It helps in making your employees aware of a particular software by using it, rather than asking them to undergo training and reading heavy manuals for learning about the software.
  • Allows users to learn at their own pace: Unlike training methods, EPSS gives the users the freedom to study and learn about the software slowly, rather than finishing the whole learning process within a few weeks or months. When there is a fixed amount of time to learn something, it can create a lot of hassle and pressure on that individual to learn at a fast pace, due to which they are not able to learn everything in detail. This can lead to poor understanding of the software, and hence unclear learning. EPSS solves this problem by eliminating any kind of quickness and letting the subject learn at the pace they like for themselves.
  • Fewer customer complaints: When you provide your users with every kind of information that they need at the same time, they will automatically be happy and satisfied with your customer service. The problem only arises when you design your software in such a way, that a normal person cannot use it or understand its functioning, therefore you continue to lose your customers quickly since they take with themselves a negative review of your business. That’s why you should have an EPSS in your organization, which continuously provides your customers with information at the right time.
  • Can help to learn in every way: While learning software can be difficult, but it is never impossible, especially when you learn it with the help of an EPSS. It helps the employees from any level to understand the software in a very easy manner because it includes all kinds of media, for example, images, text, and audio, which eventually make the software learning process more fun and exciting. You can never think of getting bored when you try to learn about software with the help of an EPSS.
  • Increased ROI: When you use an EPSS in your organization, your ROI is going to increase by a huge amount. Your employees start to learn more about your software in less time, that is why you should consider giving EPSS a try. It helps your employees in improving their productivity and ultimately your profitability and revenue sources are going to increase by a drastic amount.

All the above-mentioned benefits explain how an electronic performance support system can help your organization in so many ways, and why your employees need it the most.

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