ETH records a 60 % hike in 6 days. Is it the best buy option?


Ether is one of the most promising altcoins in the crypto market. Finally, it proved the worth by demonstrating one price rally of more than 60 percent within one week. In the past experts predicted that the crypto may grow in value by over 400 per cent this year. But such aspirations broke when the crypto market crashed and the price of Ether touched its all-time price lows, dragged downwards by Bitcoin. The native token of Ether grew by leaps as well as bounds since its inception.

Yet its value moved around the US dollar 1,100 mark. The most avid fanatics of Ether believed that the price will soon be reaching the parameter of three-digit that will be making it very challenging for the crypto to regain its all-time barriers of price from last year November. But the recent price rally of Ether in the last 6-7 days sparked some new hope in the community of investment. As per analysts Ether may soon be overtaking Bitcoin and become the largest crypto in the market.If you are new to Crypto trading and investments then you must check the Bitcoin trading platform in this link.

Not according to the analyses, the price of Ether is hinting towards a strong technical that may be triggering one bullish price rally. Investors of Ether have been looking for a bull run. It is probably underway because the token is up by nearly 25 percent. Ether’s price is moving around the US dollar 1500 resistance. It is the much-needed resistance that this crypto needs to attain for sustaining in today’s market.

This price rally demonstrates that Ether has surged by over 50 percent since its decline under the mark US $1 previously this month. Yet there are many speculations moving around the market where some skeptics claim that in any bearish market condition these relief rallies are very common. Such conditions should never be taken under consideration before they decide to invest in any volatile crypto such as Ether for long-term purposes.

The reason behind the bullish price rally of Ether

According to experts, there may be many reasons behind the current price rally of Ether. As of 2002 July, the ninth shadow fork of Ether went live. It placed in a spot some of the final steps towards the migration to a network of proof-of-stake. This fork got designed for testing the updates that got made in Sepolia hard fork. Such developments aim in maximizing efficiency in transactions over the network of Ether.

Apart from this, the market of crypto is too excited regarding the upgrade of Ether 2.0 that is expected to get launched this September. The revelation of such information may have been one of the triggers for the current bullish rally of Ether.

After the posting of this news by Tim Beiko on this social media handle, Ether started to slowly climb. The current analyses of such a rally too demonstrate that Ethereum whales again turned bullish ahead of the launch of Merges. Now Ether too dragged Bitcoin along with it that saw a relief rally and overcame its past resistance.

It reached the mark of US $22K. The main fact that this price rally got emerged after CPI revealed the inflation data of the US is a kind of relief for many investors in the crypto market who always have believed that the mainstream macroeconomic factors must never adversely impact any decentralized market.


The price rally of Ether triggered one improvement in the total market movements of every other crypto. It included Solana, Cardano, and Polygon among the few. Yet as mentioned before, Ether is still accompanied by high volatility and bearish market trends. Such a successful price rally will aid the crypto soon to overtake Bitcoin. It too depends on the success of the upgrade Merge. Thus investors must apply too much caution before they buy Ethereum tokens now.

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