An Overview of Data Science and Consulting Roles

As a young professional or recent graduate, finding your niche within an industry or field can be challenging. However, having a background in data sciences is one of the most sought-after skills in a variety of professional fields. Depending on your professional


How Does Technology Impacts Today’s Business Activity?

Technology advancement impacts the wide scope of the internet industry. Gambling is a platform that has gained a lot through advanced technology today. An increase in production in the country encourages the economic growth of the country. Technology enables great major production

Interest rate increases and foreign currency

With the recent increase in interest rates in the United States, many around the world are wondering how this rate hike will affect foreign currencies. Fortunately, no matter what may happen to foreign currencies, companies like  Ria Money Transfer provide consumers with


Laravel Performance Optimization

Laravel has become a popular developing option for eCommerce platforms. It has gained popularity since its inception in 2011 & has managed to make its position as the popular PHP framework among the developer’s community due to its robust features. Laravel is

Effects of NFT in the economic sector of Bangladesh

The economic sector of Bangladesh is highly dependent on agriculture. About 60% of the country’s GDP comes from the agricultural sector, and 40% of the labour force is employed in agriculture. If you want to learn more about the history of NFTs,

Why is Blockchain used everywhere these days?

Blockchain technology is a public ledger, but when it is employed in businesses, it becomes shared and immutable ledger technology. There will be a limited reach when using Blockchain technology in a business organization. The people of the organization will be capable

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