Buy these 5 cryptos before this May to get super-rich


Crypto is a type of digital money not controlled by any central authority like the government. Rather it is based on the blockchain technology with Bitcoin that is used most widely. They are recognized as precious by investors not only for short-term earnings but even for long-term investment. Here you can read the story of the first Bitcoin transaction.

With nearly 16000 cryptos in circulation right now, it is challenging to know which crypto to invest in. Many crypto investors are in search of the next huge things hoping to generate great returns. If you manage crypto right then it will be a vital part of your investment portfolio. Purchasing various crypto coins will even aid you with multiplying your investment as upgrading will protect you from losing all your money. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most well-known methods to earn money. However, there is too much volatility which makes it very risky. For any hard-working person it is a very scary thought, but with the presence of high risks comes a fair chance to score much higher rewards. There are many effective strategies to earn profits with crypto. Read along to become aware of the top 5 cryptos to buy before this May if you wish to become super-rich.


  • It is the most popular crypto worldwide.
  • Currently the market capitalization of Bitcoin is at almost $1.1 trillion.
  • It still enjoys all benefits of being the first crypto.
  • It is accepted more widely than other digital coins mostly because it has been around for a long.
  • As more investors get interested in it, the value of Bitcoin is rising.
  • Even after so many cryptos are available in the market, Bitcoin is still accounting for over 40% of the overall crypto market cap.
  • Regardless of if its price falls or rises, it will dominate the crypto industry continuously.
  • Irrespective of the volatility of the market, traders will be gaining from strong liquidity as long as Bitcoin exists.


  • It follows Bitcoin on the most popular crypto list.
  • The market capital of Ethereum is around $500 billion.
  • According to a few analysts it will be defeating Bitcoin in the race of the most popular crypto.
  • Its main edge is real-world usage.
  • The blockchain of Ethereum supports smart contracts that are used in a huge variety of applications.
  • Ethereum is perfectly suited to create NFTs.
  • Ethereum is too a network that lets developers make use of its network for creating their own crypto.

Binance Coin

  • It operates the biggest crypto exchange worldwide.
  • Thus it is the third-most famous crypto on the digital asset market.
  • On the Binance exchange, it is the native coin.
  • It started as a token ERC-20 on the blockchain of Ethereum before it became Binance’s own blockchain native currency.
  • Binance Coin is currently having a market capitalization of more than $96 billion.
  • Any investor who will pay fees of transaction with this crypto will get discounts.
  • Every quarter, Binance decreases the digital coins’ supply depending on the volume of trading.
  • Since 2017 it has been maintaining a modest yet steady upward movement.
  • It is one of the more trustworthy options of investment with reduced risks because of its performance. 
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  • Worldwide Tether ranks as the top 4 most well-known crypto with a market capitalization of around $73 billion.
  • However among stable coins it leads the table.
  • Every stable coin ties its values to another asset.
  • In the case of Tether the US dollar is the asset.
  • Tether is similar to a cryptocurrency dollar that must be maintaining its value similarly to the physical US dollars. 


  • It is a platform of a public blockchain.
  • It has been developed for helping to power uses of DeFi, decentralized apps along with smart contracts.
  • It runs on a POS that is uniquely hybrid and POH mechanisms that assist it in quickly and safely processing transactions.
  • It is a prospective long-term Ethereum rival.
  • Similar to Ethereum, this crypto can too run a smart contract.


Thus you have a complete analysis of the best cryptos to buy before May to get rich. The likes of Tether and Solana are worth staying aware of apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin in this New Year. Also, try to stay away from any trading platform as they may get hacked at any time. Buy a hardware wallet to keep your crypto safe.

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