Amazon UPC Codes: What are They and Why You Need to Buy Them?

UPC Codes

In this article, we are going to take a look at what precisely these UPCs are, why they matter so much, and most importantly, where can you buy them.

What are UPC Codes?

Amazon UPC is nothing but a unique code assigned to each product on the Amazon marketplace. It is done to clearly distinguish the said item from the millions of others already existing in the online market. UPCs make it easy to identify individual products sold on Amazon across the world. Think of it as Amazon’s system to separate each product in its database.

These codes work in the same way as the barcodes you see on every product in your local supermarket. They are unique, and a simple scan will tell you what the product is, along with other relevant information.Visit here; Buy UPC barcode.

Needless to mention, UPCs have several benefits, such as:

  • They help sellers and buyers quickly identify each product and catalog it accordingly
  • UPC codes streamline inventory management and tracking
  • It becomes easy to track products/consignments when they are in transit during shipping
  • The codes make it convenient to find products in warehouses and online searches.

Why Do You Need UPC Codes for Amazon?

UPCs are essential to do business on Amazon. Period. Amazon needs a unique product identifier, and UPC codes serve that purpose. It is required so that you can fill the ‘Product ID’ section with ease while you are creating a new listing to sell. Of course, there are other codes as well like ASIN, GTIN, EAN, et cetera, but UPC is widely accepted and is the most common identification norm out there in the market.

If you don’t have a UPC code for your product, Amazon will not accept it for its marketplace.

Amazon has also updated its policy on UPC codes, stating that it will now check each product’s UPC against the database provided by GS1 – the one and only provider of UPC codes. It is done to determine the authenticity of the code, and in case of any mismatch/misusethe listing will not be accepted, and it will be removed. Further action may also be taken against the seller.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you use a current, valid UPC for your product.

How to Generate an Amazon UPC Code for Your Product?

Before we get to the part where we can buy UPC codes, let’s take a look at how UPC codes are generated.

First things first, you cannot make your own code. You need to purchase it from GS1 – a non-profit organization that is tasked with the job of setting up standards for business communication and identifying retail products across the globe. There are over 100 GS1 organizations, catering to different geographies. For the United States, you need to concern yourself with GS1 US.

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