6 Ways to Cope with Emotional Pain That Stems from Physical Pain

Emotional Pain

It’s easy to assume that physical and emotional pain are different, but they overlap in many ways than we’d ever know.

Recent research has discovered that the two forms of pain have some neurological similarities. And while they usually occur separately, many times they also happen simultaneously, basically influencing each other.

It’s common for people suffering from physical pain, especially chronic pain, to struggle with the emotional baggage that comes with their circumstances. At times, these emotional struggles are even more damaging to the individual than their physical pain.

Here are examples of emotional suffering which you may experience as a result of physical pain:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Anger
  • Debilitating Depression (MDD)
  • Loneliness
  • Hopelessness
  • Shame and Guilt

Many of the solutions to physical pain can also help with emotional pain. Let’s look at some of the ways to cope with emotional pain.

1.    Treat the Source of the Problem

It can be challenging to manage emotional distress if its origin is a mystery. After all, you’re dealing with something psychological that doesn’t have a tangible source.

However, when physical pain is the underlying reason behind your emotional suffering, finding a solution for that physical problem resolves the emotional pain.

Seek treatment for the root problem, and it’ll be easier to regain your emotional stability.

2.    Distract Yourself

Much like physical pain, emotional pain can seem to disappear when you distract yourself. It’s about taking your mind off your current situation by engaging in something entirely different.

Good distractions are often things or activities you’re fond of, like watching TV, cooking, shopping, or getting together with friends.

You most likely won’t be in the mood to do these things because you’re not okay with your state of mind. But when you get past that initial reluctance, you’ll start to enjoy the activity and engage even more.

Finding distractions is an excellent coping mechanism for people struggling with chronic pain, and it can be a source of healing for emotional turmoil.

3.    Do Something Uplifting

Depending on their values, most people view certain things and actions as fulfilling or bigger than themselves. These actions resonate with human nature, and doing them will make you feel like you’re making a difference in the world.

Remember, emotional pain is born out of unstable emotions, and you can change that by tapping into your natural need to be of value to humanity.

Many actions give us a sense of purpose and uplift our spirits, such as helping people, taking care of animals, planting trees, etc. Start actively participating in charity activities to refocus your emotions on something positive and greater than yourself.

4.    Stay Active

Staying physically active has immense benefits on a person’s overall health. Our bodies require constant physical activity to function properly, strengthening our systems. You literally need an active lifestyle to be healthy.

Two ways you’ll benefit from an active lifestyle include:

  • When your systems are healthy and organs functioning normally, your brain also benefits, meaning you’ll have a strong state of mind.
  • Physical activity relieves physical pain, which, in this case, is the root of the problem.

5.    Consider Natural Remedies

While medications can offer you relief, they’re often unsafe long-term. It’s the same problem with chronic pain, but even more so for emotional struggles.

Considering negative emotions can be a lifelong struggle, you want a solution that you integrate into your life with minimal side effects.

Now, which natural solutions are we talking about?

That depends on your interests and what works best for you.

Mindfulness techniques like meditation offer mind-body connection, which some people find helpful. You can try this best breathing apps while doing your meditation.

Alternatively, you could try herbs like cannabis, which has many benefits, including relief for both physical and emotional pain. This guide has more insight into pain relief with cannabis.

6.    Interact with People

Positive social interactions are therapeutic. Keep in mind that the same way interacting with people can ruin your self-esteem and make you unhappy is the same way it can be uplifting and pull you out of a bad place. So make an effort to connect with the positive people in your life.


We often underplay emotional pain. You’re probably doing it to yourself. But it’s as real as physical pain, and they can exist at the same time. Remember, when you don’t address negative emotions, they tend to worsen to the point that they affect your quality of life.

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