5 the most popular streaming websites

streaming websites

Streaming and video-on-demand platforms are a relatively new but rapidly growing part of the global media market that significantly impacts our internet habits. The current and previous years have proven exceptionally strong for streaming services. So which types of streaming services are the most popular? We check them out!

Streaming has revolutionized and changed the media market. With streaming, you can access movies, music, and even computer games or sports events without downloading media files from the Internet to your hard drive. Streaming service providers provide content to their users on a subscription basis. Streaming is a popular solution, especially for its convenience and relatively low price. So let’s check out what is most popular.

The most popular types of streaming services

Video streaming services can be divided into two categories: live and on-demand. Live streaming is similar to what a cable or satellite TV provider offers, except that the service uses the Internet to deliver content. On-demand streaming, on the other hand, is what everyone thinks of when talking about video streaming services. Therefore, we focused on these streaming services when compiling the list below.

1. Netflix

The American service is the most popular in the world for a reason. With content offerings enhanced weekly, always optimal video quality, and a highly refined user experience, the platform is an important choice for entertainment.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is an exciting SVoD solution with an attractive subscription price. The platform currently has over 3,400 programs in its catalog. Also, it offers access to music streaming, unlimited e-books, or expedited delivery of orders from Amazon as part of the monthly subscription.

3. Spotify

Swedish streaming service offering freemium access to music and podcasts, including more than 82 million songs, from record labels and media companies. You can use the platform is free and paid versions without ads while listening to music, listen to music without an Internet connection, and playback songs via Smart TV.

4. Apple TV+

Apple focuses on quality rather than quantity, but for some internet users, this is a significant advantage as the platform has a following of loyal fans. The service is also offered free for three months with every purchase of a new Apple product, which will delight those who regularly change devices.


HBO GO is an American platform owned by Time Warner, operating in the subscription model. In the service, one can watch HBO and Cinemax productions. The most popular shows on HBO GO include Game of Thrones, Friends, Succession, and Mr. Robot.

What is your type of streaming service?

The number of available platforms is significant. There is something for everyone. Or maybe you would like to start your music, video, or podcast streaming service? So, consider your options and decide which will be the best for you. Or perhaps you choose to construct your solution?

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