5 Businesses That Use Fleet Tracking Technology

Fleet Tracking Technology

Using software to track a vehicle or asset used to be a rare choice that seemed unreachable to many companies because they were unaware of how GPS tracking functioned and the benefits it might provide in terms of real-time positions, cost savings, safety, and compliance.

Recently, cloud-based fleet management systems have been used by a variety of under-the-radar sectors. These unexpected sectors are utilizing GPS fleet monitoring in creative ways to track down everything from cars transporting precious works of art to school buses carrying students to adolescent drivers.

Here are a few examples of sectors that offer a fresh viewpoint on the daily use of GPS monitoring in the US:

Car Rental Business

Electric bikes with a motor speed of up to 20 mph are distributed by using Teletrac Fleet Director, and businesses like eBikes on Demand employ telematics software to track the cars that carry and distribute their eBikes.

Every van now has a GPS fleet tracking device installed, helping to ensure that drivers are held accountable for every bike load they transport.

“The system is capable of doing anything. With the help of our work vans, we can keep track of every action our drivers do and designate landmarks for the locations that receive the greatest traffic, according to Jack, the CEO of SEEWORLDGPS Technology Co., Ltd..

Industries are employing GPS fleet tracking in an increasing variety of ways, which is happening quickly. A GPS fleet tracking solution has unquestionably turned into a crucial tool for any organization as we continue to look for new methods to improve our operations.

In addition to allowing companies to track driver behavior and locate their fleets in real-time, fleet management software also helps managers to monitor excessive vehicle idle time and offers a HOS solution, among many other affordable features that are beneficial for many industries.

Young Driver Monitoring

In addition to settling in cellphones, GPS technology has now found a home in the automobiles of millennials, where it is used to monitor youthful driver behavior.

GPS tracking software provides parents with a simple way to deal with the many aches and pains of parenthood by providing them with updates on the whereabouts of their teenagers after they’ve left the house via a portable GPS-enabled gadget that’s put into the car’s diagnostic port.

Parents may monitor the car’s position, speed, braking, and acceleration using the GPS gadget.

Teen driver monitoring has the significant advantage of being accepted by insurance providers, which enables parents to keep their premiums low while keeping tabs on their children’s driving behaviors.

Citroen is one company that includes a GPS device, or “black box,” in its C1 cars. The firm is the first ever to offer a Safety Analytics system as a standard feature in its cars and is partnered with GPS fleet tracking provider Teletrac.

Assisted Living Facilities

GPS monitoring and fleet management software play a significant part in assisting to improve the quality of aged care, from tracking in-home care providers to operating in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) vehicles.

ShuttleMED, a medical service that invested in GPS technology for its fleet, has assisted dispatchers in enhancing customer satisfaction and cutting down on wait times during emergency scenarios, such an elderly person who is having difficulty getting up after falling.

The fleet tracking software has been successfully implemented by ShuttleMED. According to William Manalo, president of ShuttleMED, “having the ability to find and deploy the nearest vehicle to each patient makes for a satisfied client.”

Institutions and Museums

With the use of fleet management software, major art institutions are also making substantial efforts to safeguard and move precious antiques and other pieces of art.

It makes sense for museums to deploy a GPS fleet tracking system to protect both themselves and the numerous expensive and irreplaceable art items they carry.

These institutions can track their cars for useful purposes including monitoring their buses that shuttle tourists around their campuses thanks to fleet management solutions that give real-time vehicle positions.

Ivy League Colleges

In many academic institutions, GPS fleet tracking software has become a need. These institutions, which frequently occupy large tracts of land, provide a wide range of programs and extracurricular activities, necessitating the expansion of their structures into nearby areas.

Solutions for fleet management are useful in this situation. Vehicles are used to transport both present and prospective students as well as tourists who want to tour these vast campuses.

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